Find Your Voice Six Week Online Writing Course with Hannah Moss

Ready for an adventure?


The process I use for myself and clients to make real impact with our writing, in a six-week supported program.


Join me and you’ll get to learn and love:

  • The true power of your words, and how important your stories are
  • What to write about so that it adds to your life, rather than taking away from it
  • How to find the people who most want to read your work, and reap the benefits
  • How to get started on building a blog that has real impact on the world around you


My techniques are designed to get the biggest benefits for both our readers and ourselves. They’re for you if…

  • You love to write and you’re ready to get serious with it (and have some fun!)
  • You’re in the business of helping people – or you want to be
  • You want a safe space filled with like-minded people who will support you to achieve your own goals
  • You’re ready to connect on a deep level with your readers, so that they understand your message and make life-changing improvements for themselves and the world around them.


Launching June 2020.


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